Dog Photography Workshop with Alicja Zmysłowska hosted by Alice Loder.

On August the 19th and 20th, I travelled to Godalming, in Guildford UK to attend a 2 day Dog Photography Workshop hosted by Alice Loder Education (Alice Loder Photography) with guest photographer and speaker Alicja Zmysłowska.

I have been a huge fan of Alicja's work for a number of years. Her style of dreamy, ethereal images really scratches my photographic itch and it is a style of photography I really see myself moving towards. The opportunity to work along side Alicja and Alice was one I wasn't going to pass up on.

On arrival we spent a short time talking about ourselves, our background and what we hoped to gain from the weekends photography. There we ten of us all told, including Alicja and Alice, and it was really lovely meeting like minded people who were stupid enough to want to spend their time and energy (and free time for some of us) photographing dogs.

As W.C Fields put it, "Never work with animals or children." Ha! Trying working with baby animals!! Double whammy.

After a short lunch we headed out to meet the 'models' for the day at a local park. There were seven dogs in total, with six owners/trainers with them. We spent most of the afternoon watching Alicja work with the dogs then emulating her style, albeit without the crazy dog and cat noises she uses to get the pups attention!

After a long afternoon of imaging, we headed back for a quick shower and change before going out for a group meal.

The following day was spent editing the pictures with help and support from Alicja after she had demonstrated her style and her workflow using Lightroom.

All in all a really good couple of days where I made new friends, gained new skills and captured some lovely images of some fantastic dogs.

Would highly recommend both Alice and Alicja and you should check out their websites here!